Watch out! The vikings are coming!

Publisert 2015-09-28

The largest “Viking ship” in the world, the Dragon Harald Fairhair is to sail to Vinland, or America as it has been referred to lately, next year. The captain and crew are planning to sail across the Atlantic, a very long distance where the weather can be rough and unpredictable. After setting out from Haugesund early May 2016 they will make several stops along the way. They will first arrive in the Shetland and Faroe Islands, then set sail for Iceland and Greenland. They are planning to spend the summer on the American Great Lakes and then travel to New York City in the autumn. The ship’s captain, Bjørn Ahlander, says that they have a long and demanding voyage ahead of them, but he is confident thatdespite some setbacks in the past, both ship and crew have what it takes to make it a successful journey. No doubt the world will be watching!


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