Editorial: September 2015

Publisert 2015-09-18

Summer is drawing to a close and we are busy prepare for an exciting fall season here at the office. 

In the year that has passed since our highly publicized release of Flateyjarbok volume 1, we've been to Denmark and Iceland, presenting both Her Majesty Queen Margrethe and His Excellency President Grímsson with copies of the book, where along with His Majesty King Harald of Norway, they each graciously provided us with a preface to the book. We've been overseas to the United States, spoken to ambassadors and others, keeping a steady pace with the new English edition of the Icelandic saga treasure. We Also got to see the excellent Vikings exhibit at Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History!

We are now getting ready to publish volume 2 here in Norway. Again, it will be leather bound, beautifully illustrated by Anders Kvåle Rue. It's a great thing to be Involved with. By the same token, we are ready to start working on the Happy Viking again. There are some great viking age / saga related blogs out there, the Norse Mythology blog comes to mind, run by our good friend Dr. Karl Seigfried. But we have always had the desire to be something different, like the NY Times of Viking lore :-). We want to present a broad spectrum of movement within and around the saga/viking field. 

There is some great work being done out there; from the building of great viking ships, combining ancient and modern knowledge, we are constantly expanding on our knowledge of this great civilization That has been attracting great amounts of Interest in recent years, with shows such as History Channel's Vikings and so on.

So with that I welcome our new readers to the blog. We will be updating frequently with news from all over the world, as well as some exclusives!

Don't hesitate to contact us with your suggestions!

Best regards,

Baard Titlestad



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